Liane Chu 朱麗晴 -Visual Artist 青年藝術家


 Emerging Hong Kong Chinese artist Liane Chu utilizes acrylic and oil painting techniques and materials from the West to inflict thought upon the Chinese identity and heritage, paying homage to the Chinese women that have inspired her and seeking to play a part in diversifying the stereotypical image of China in the West. Born in 1997 and having practiced artmaking in both New York and Shanghai, Chu combines an impressionistic portrayal of nature’s beauty, with silhouettes of female figures and natural flora and fauna to illustrate an empowering message to her audience: perceiving the importance of being proud of one’s culture and heritage, and acknowledging the impact of women and the female identity in today’s society.

Using acrylic paint, oil paint and mixed media, Chu weaves the tangible with the abstract in her latest collections Flower Women and Crackle Splash. Flower Women is a medley depicting women as unique individuals, shaped by each and every one of their experiences in life. The blooming floral in the background with the aesthetically-pleasing qipao on the feminine figure in the foreground harmonizes Chu’s desire to celebrate the strength and individual beauty of Chinese women and their experiences. The collection further reflects Chu’s journey of self-exploration and questioning of what it means to identify as Chinese, and her use of Western materials and techniques marks a brave step towards breaking the stereotypical imagery of China in modern art. The Crackle Splash collection narrates an array of emotions that the young artist underwent during her craftsmanship, portraying Chu’s philosophy of life and her belief that nature is very much present and affecting our sentiments and everyday lives.


  • 2019 New York,Artifact Gallery, Chelsea, Solo Exhibition (In preparation)

  • 2019 Hong Kong “Her Sense, Her Philosophy” Tycoon Tan Exhibition

  • 2018 Hong Kong“ Her Scent,Her Philosophy” Tai Koo Shing Eslite, Solo Exhibition

  • 2018 Taipei Inlive Gallery, Group Exhibition

  • 2018 Tai Chung 1969 BlueSkyes Hotel,Group Exhibition

  • 2018 Hong Kong “Through Darkness, you’ll find Light, Hope and Beauty” Solo Exhibition

  • 2017 Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair Group Exhibition

  • 2017 Hong Kong Parklane Hotel, Aritists Playground Group Exhibition

  • 2016 Paris Art Shopping du lourve,AVA Gallerie Group Exhibtion  

  • 2016 Finland AVA Gallery Group Exhibition

  • 2016 New York Art Expo Solo Exhibition




朱麗晴出生於香港,並在上海與紐約生活與學習過,如此的豐富的生活體驗令她擁有更多的藝術學習機會。她於四歲時並師從著名的中國傳統水墨畫藝術家蔡布谷,並曾在佛羅倫薩藝術學院學習具象油畫。朱麗晴曾在香港舉辦個人畫展,並成功展出於A2Z畫廊。她的作品也曾走向西方,包括紐約藝術博覽會與藝術購物卡魯塞爾羅浮宮。朱麗晴近期也與泰國香薰平拍Bodhi與香港誠品書店聯手舉辦“Her Scent, Her Philosophy”畫展。


-2019 紐約個展,Artifact Gallery, Chelsea 

-2019 香港“她的感覺” “Her Sense,Her Philosophy” 大官廳Tycoon Tan

-2018 香港”她的芬芳“ Her Scent,Her Philosophy” 香港誠品書店Eslite,太古城, 個展

-2018 台中“女人花” 藍天飯店 1969 BlueSkyes Hotel,聯展

-2018 台中“女人花” 生活美學館 Inlive Gallery,聯展

-2018 香港“黑暗中的曙光” Through Darkness, you’ll find Light, Hope and Beauty” 個展

-2017 香港Afforadable Art Fair 聯展

-2017 香港柏寧酒店 Parklane Hotel, Aritists Playground 聯展

-2016 芬蘭AVA Gallerie 聯展

-2016 巴黎羅浮宮Art Shopping du lourve,AVA Gallerie 聯展

-2016 紐約藝術世博會New York Art Expo 個展