Liane Chu 朱麗晴 -Visual Artist 青年藝術家


Liane chu is a Hong Kong Chinese Young emerging Artist. Liane Started painting since two years old and became a student of Ku Ku Tsai at the age of four. Liane has Tourettes Syndrome and found peace and calmness through painting. Liane has exhibited her works at New York Art Expo, Art Shopping Carrousel du Lourve and Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong. This Summer Liane also attended Florence Academy of Art and completed a summer course figurative oil painting.


Liane Chu was born in Hongkong, she attended primary school at Wei Lun school and middle school in Shanghai Shanghai Yew Chung International School), then attended the Dwight School in New York, Manhattan. She now studying at the City University Hong Kong Department of media and communication as a college student. In addition to the traditional school, Liane in Academy, De, Barrerio, Donghua University in Shanghai, Parsons, School, of, Design and National Academy of Art have completed many art courses.

朱麗晴 (英文筆名:Liane Chu ,1997年12月12日)是一名中國香港青年藝術家。兩歲開始學習繪畫導師為蔡布谷老師。小時候因得父親的遺傳性病從小就有妥瑞症,變在藝術創作上的到紓解。從小就朝著藝術之路發展,便在紐約藝術博覽會,巴黎羅浮宮藝術展,香港Affordable Art Fair , 柏寧酒店展“Artist Playground”展覽。朱麗晴(Liane Chu)現在在香港城市大學媒體與傳播系就讀。除了上傳統學校,Liane在西班牙的Academy De Barrerio,上海東華大學,紐約的Parsons School of Design 和National Academy of Art 都完成了許多藝術課程。 2018年暑假也在Florence Academy of Art 完成人體油畫課程。