If I can make a little change, even if it’s little. I will do it, and I will do my very best.
— Lilian Chu IWA USA Ambassador

  After hosting the Shanghai Charity concert in Shanghai Lilian Chu, the ambassador of IWA, has taken the next step and hosted another charity concert in New York City. The Shanghai Charity concert has inspired many young women and contributed to orphanages in their education.

  Through the contact from Fiona Barretto-desouza, a well respected and honorable volunteer who has been helping orphanages continuously Lilian was able to connect with Magalena Kaaya, an orphan, who dreamt about becoming a teacher. The funds that the Shanghai Charity concert raised was able to send Magdalena to teacher’s college located in Arusha, Tazania and buy Magdalena a computer. In addition, the funds was able to buy books and supplies for the children in Ndoombo Orphange located in the foot mount of Duliti ,Arusha.

  This year’s Charity concert in New York was also a success; the Charity had printed over 100 copies of the IWA Magazines which were edit by Madeleine Hoecklin, share the knowledge and spread the good words about IWA. Lilian was also able to sell her art package which contain postcards, note books, bookmarks and Albums all from her original work. Yunfei liu, a girl that was inspired from the Shanghai Charity concert also hosted her own charity concert in shanghai, she is a musicians who also write her music. She is now a new member in IWA club Dwight and she was was invited as a honorable guest for the concert as she performs her song “ 雨里 ( In The Rain ) in Mandarin.

  This time the funds are able to support a girl who lost her father name Matilda Rajani to pursue her passion in Science, we were also able to buy her a computer. In addition, we will buy books for the orphanage and school supplies as wel.