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The Dwight GIN ( Global Issue Network ) club was a success when they gave their presentation about Human rights under the topic " Walk the Talk Towards Understanding and Respect ". I am the club leader this year and my team, Daniil Frants and Ilan Pesselev was invited to the 2014 Global Education Conference as Keynote Speakers. We are the youngest keynote speaker the Global Education Conference had ever invited.  ( Global Education Conference Website )

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  I am so honor to be selected as one of the eight students in our school to be part of the scholarship program to Luxembourg attending the 2014 GIN Conference " Walking The Talk Towards Understanding and Respect " meeting Her Royal Highness Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg, successful leaders and selected students coming from 40 different schools around the world. 

  We were separated into two groups, for my group we decided to talk about labels towards different races as we name our presentation " Imagine". We named our presentation "Imagine" because we want the audience to imagine how the world will be like if everyone is equal, no labels towards your religion, race and culture.