If I can make a little change, even if it’s little. I will do it, and I will do my very best.
— Lilian Chu IWA USA Ambassador

Dwight School is launching a IWA club in New York city. During my visit in Shanghai I organized an IWA Charity event during her visit in Shanghai as I design bags, wallets and Shirts with her drawings which are printed in all the products. All the products was sold out as she raised 11,300rmb. I also wrote 10 songs about my personal stories & journeys of my youth. I invited my friends from YCIS ( Yew Chung international school) together to sing along with me as they performed a phenomenal concert.


My next step is to use the funds that she raised and help the orphans in Tanzania which Dwight school’s IWA club are mainly focusing at. I believes that they should start with buying computers for the children. Through technologies they can easily access to websites and find valuable resources. They can also spread their words through social media and pass down their message for empowering women across the globe.