Lilian Chu is an Artist, Musician and Designer. Lilian was born and raised in Hong Kong as she moved to Shanghai for her secondary school. She is currently studying in the Dwight School located in New York completing her IB Diploma.

  She was told by her mother that she could draw a full human figure when she was just two years old that won’t tend to have a sense of the proportion and features. Lilian has won an IGCSE Excellent in Art award and she was the Art representative for her school during freshman year in Shanghai Yew Chung international school. Lilian’s T shirt design was chosen from Dwight School as a fundraise this year and it was sold out.

  During her teenage year, she started recording all her memories of youth, mistakes she made and motivation in reaching her goals by writing songs. Lilian has won a championship for her piano solo and awards along with her band as a guitarist. She is continuing in completing her album for charity.

  Lilian was also the prefect and student council for her school in Yew Chung as she won two consecutive semesters for citizenship award. Lilian was selected for student council in the Dwight school as a secretary working closely with the President of Student Council. Lilian was chosen to go to a half scholarship meeting to Luxemburg giving a presentation about human’s right as she strongly believes the equality of race, religion and gender.

  Beside these, Lilian enjoys interacting with her friends and joining school activities. She has participated in variety of school activities such as Musical plays, Speech competition, Monolgues showcase and Choir. Lilian has got one of the lead roles for her musical play “ Footloose” as a mother. She was the top three for both Speech competitions at Yew Chung international school and Shakespeare competition at the Dwight School.

   Lilian’s role model is Actress Emma Watson and Oprah Winfrey. Both intelligent and successful women understand women integrity as they reach for their goal. Lilian always look up to her mother and Father. Her mother has won the international women leadership award as a Unilever Vice President of Walmart international US. Her father is an organiser hosting different salsa festival around the top cities such as Shanghai and New York. Lilian also has a mentor to guide her DJiun that she respect with gratitude. Djiun is a young artist selected to enter the New School in New York with full Scholarship.

    Lilian’s goal now is to use her talent to fundraise for Charity. She designs bags, T shirt and wallets all printed with her art work as she raise money or the orphans in Tanzania. Lilian also host mini concert to spread her words and inspire young girls to break through into taking action and make a change in someone else’s life.

  Lilian is still exploring different industries and learning from different successful people. Lilian wants to major in Business and minor in Fine Art for her Bachelor and complete her Master during her late twenties or thirties.